skin care
skin care

Pamper yourself at
Sinfulicious Bodycare!

Customize your bath and shower products into your signature scent. We have over 200 yummy scents to choose from.

Let us whip up an Organic Spa Lotion scented in Guava and Ruby Red Grapefruit or a Mineral Body Scrub scented in French Lavender, Juniper Breeze with a hair of Peppermint.  You get what you want.

  • Pick Your Scent
  • Pick Your Color
  • Pick Your Products

Bring the spa home, by choosing from our essential oil collection.
Sinfulicious wants to provide you with a full line of natural, organic and chemical free products in the scent you love.

Stop by one of our stores to experience a complimentary hand spa treatment and let the scent journey begin. Our Mixologists are committed to assisting each and every customer with that individual ME TIME.  They can show you the top-selling blends in any scents.
It’s a Sinfully Delicious process that you will love.